If I have endometriosis every day, why does endometriosis only have March?
Isabelle Elise

I’m crying as I read this because I am within this now, dealing with endometriosis and simply ready to give up. Do I have the strength to get to the good doctor, to fill out those forms, petition my insurance company to cover an out of network Doctor as in network, travel for more appointments & more surgery. It’s on my bowels. I’m in pain daily and I just sit here, not fighting. I have to find my fight, the power I’ve lost from not being believed. I thought I would feel better after the doctors saw the stage four endometriosis, but instead I feel tired and overwhelmed. My sister is battling breast cancer — I keep telling myself she’s the one whose truly sick and I just need to get over it. I look fine on the outside, but I’m falling apart in the inside. This is what endometriosis does, and I must find the strength to be an advocate for my health. Thank you for sharing your story.

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