The Annotated Programmer
Chet Haase

Aside from wondering if @Regretted could not use a cause optional param allowing the distinction between “I hereby take ownership for all eternity of the stupidity of my action”, versus “I own the momentary weakness that stopped me from fighting back against the architect who made me do it”… but again there is a small overlap with @Overridden. Which brings me to a String parameter for @Overridden to ensure that the possibility of having one’s name showing up too many time might deter even the most determined of enterprise architects. These would also offer the opportunity of a public @Overridden hall-of-fame for OpenSource projects, and tools like Sonar could display the same stats prominently in review reports for enterprise code.

Aside from these minor @Retentive(RetentivePolicy.Anal) comments, I think it’s good for implementation… I look forward to reading the .Net version if the spec.

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