What Makes Software Good?
Mike Bostock

Thank you kindly for the great quality libraries you have produced over the years, and for the many technical as well as more philosophical insights into code writing you have shared with them.

To the list of cognitive dimensions you referenced, I would add congruence, which is likely a tell-tell of the many years I spent working on larger systems involving teams of developers. In this context, I define congruence as a measure of the degree to which a given set of concepts (themselves applied with various levels of consistency within the system) are related. This is by reference to situations I encountered where a codebase eventually turns into a smorgasbord of great ideas, that simply do not work well together. Lack of congruence is usually IMHO a sign of high turn over in a team, lack of communication between the members, or perhaps even a general lack of technical oversight.

Thank you again for showing how beautiful Javascript can be.

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