Up until this moment

What if everything —

All the stumbles and fumbles,

The bad decisions,

The worse decisions,

The missteps and the sidesteps,

The love and the loss and the re-acquisition of love and the re-loss of it again,

The many careers poked at but never fully explored,

The many jobs exploited but never loved,

The nervous breakdowns,

The regrettable tattoos,

The regret of not getting a tattoo to commemorate something at the time that it really mattered and now it feels too late to go back and retroactively re-commemorate that thing,

The fights and the almost-fights,

The words said,

And the words that will forever be left unsaid —

What if everything that happened (or didn’t)

Before this very moment

Served no other purpose

Than to bring you up to speed

And deliver you here

With a blank page before you

And a pen in your hand?

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