LMN ICO Statement

Due to the large volume of investors asking about what will happen with the unsold LMNs in the ICO, we have decided to emit an official statement in order to resolve our investors’ doubts.

First of all thank all our community for the support and the engagement with the project, this means a lot for our team, proving that people want a real change in the actual paradigm of Social Networks.

We want to reward our investors due to their efforts and implication with Lemon Network, this is way we have decided to create a section in Lemonade (DeFi Platform) where investors that HOLD LMN and do not trade (sell) their LMN until Lemonade is launched they will have a withdrawable percentage of the unsold LMNs in ICO. Based on their invested LMN amount.

We can not provide exact information of the amount that we will place in that Vault, because ICO is not finished yet. Once ICO is finished, we will provide detailed information, like the exact amount of LMN that will be available for our LMN HOLDERs in Lemonade.

The percentage that Lemon Network will allocate for rewarding Holders is going to be 60% of the total unsold LMNs on ICO. If you are interested in knowing what will happen with the remaining 40% of the unsold LMN stay tuned we will be delivering more information.

In order to prevent people from panic, stay calm, we will not sell them, we want to create a new ecosystem so no one from Lemon Network team is interested in selling their LMN.

We hope you feel part of Lemon Community, remember

“We are LMN 🍋”

Find out more about Lemon Network on:

Telegram: https://t.me/lemonnetworken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LMN_Network
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lmn_network/
Support Email: help@lmn.network




Developing the Technology of the future today. Welcome to Lemon Network ecosystem. https://lemonnetwork.sale

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Lemon Network Group

Lemon Network Group

Developing the Technology of the future today. Welcome to Lemon Network ecosystem. https://lemonnetwork.sale

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