Trust and commitment are our values for the development of Lemon Network

First of all, we would like to thank all the investors who have invested on the Lemon Network ecosystem in the LMN ICO and who have full confidence in this project.

Since the beginning of the pre-sale we have informed that our strategy was to release 100% of the LMN tokens acquired by investors during the ICO, and that the first exchange where the token would be listed would be Carbonswap. Also, we have reported that we are working to list the token on other DEXs, which will provide more liquidity.

The main motivation behind our decision to allow investors to withdraw 100% of their tokens was to build TRUST, as when we planned the launch of the ICO we felt that locking the tokens was not the best option. Right decision or not, it made us think that the most appropriate thing to do was to allow investors to decide to buy out of their own conviction based on the potential of the project and not out of obligation.

We are aware that the value of the token would go down as the volume of sales increases, however, we are confident that with the actions we plan to take in the coming weeks, its value will be higher.

Our strategy now will be to give value to the LMN token, and we have at all times advised that the LMN is a token for loitering, which can offer a medium to long term return.

At no time have we encouraged buying with false expectations of profit, nor have we encouraged the immediate sale of LMNs, on the contrary, we want all investors to stay at least until we launch our two main projects Lemonade and Lemonnet. For this reason, the day of the closing of phase 3 we released a statement stating that 60% of the LMNs that were not sold during the ICO would be distributed among all investors who do not sell their LMNs until the launch of the DeFi Lemonade Platform and thus reward them for their loyalty and support for this project.

We are a responsible, committed and human team, we try to serve and understand each of the investors. We do not play with anyone’s money, for us every contribution we have obtained only commits us even more to continue giving the best of us and create a truly innovative, scalable and unique technological project that helps us to democratize the obtaining of benefits through digital content.

We think big, we think of you and therefore we greatly appreciate all the trust you have placed in us. We continue to work tirelessly for the entire Lemon Network ecosystem of which you are a part.

We hope you feel part of Lemon Community, remember

“We are LMN 🍋”

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Developing the Technology of the future today. Welcome to Lemon Network ecosystem.

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Lemon Network Group

Lemon Network Group

Developing the Technology of the future today. Welcome to Lemon Network ecosystem.

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