4Developers 2017

Tomorrow in Warsaw there will be the 4Developers festival — a conference for all kinds of software developers. It looks really interesting, and the best part of it is that I will be there, this will be fun!

It will start on Monday morning, so instead of going to work, I’ll go there, which is a really great itself. But not going to work is just a side effect, it’s not the reason why I’m going there. The real reason is, that there will be tons of interesting presentations. Presentation from which I plan to learn a lot.

But there is also a tough part, there are too many interesting things. I have to choose. There will be 14 different tracks, 9 presentations each.

For me, the most interesting tracks are “Application architecture 1” and “Application architecture 2” — yes, that is correct, there will be two architecture focused tracks. Also, I plan to check the “Bottega IT Minds” track.

My agenda looks like this, at least for now:

  1. App Arch 1 — Consumer-Driven Contracts by Jędrzej Andrykowski
  2. App Arch 1 — Public enemy №1, mid-sized building blocks and hexagonal architecture in real life by Jakub Nabrdalik
  3. Bottega IT Minds — Maintainable microservices — naked truth by Jakub Kubryński
  4. Bottega IT Minds — Memento memori by Konrad Kokosa
  5. Here I have a free slot for now, maybe some Docker, Hyperon or something about architecture
  6. App Arch 2 — Allegro architecture — 4 years after microservices revolution by Mateusz Gajewski
  7. App Atch 1 — Ports and Adapters by Dominik Przybysz
  8. Bottega IT Minds — Discussion panel about IT — part 1 by Maciej Aniserowicz
  9. Bottega IT Minds — Discussion panel about IT — part 2 by Maciej Aniserowicz

As you can see, this looks fun. My whole plan involves only 3 tracks, and there are many more: Java, Javascript, two .NET tracks, Python, PHP, Ruby, Soft skills, Gamedev, Front-end. Also there is a workshops tracks, that is focused on TDD and BDD, which is great!

I wish that I could attend all these tracks, or at least half of them, but well, it’s not possible, I have to choose :) I just hope that I have chosen well, we will see. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Originally published at DEVelopments.