Herstory: Tell a Young Woman Why It Matters

Pundits say younger women don’t get Hillary. They missed the struggle that brought her to this historic moment. Did we fail to share how it was as little as a generation ago? Let’s all inject a bit of ‘herstory’ into the national consciousness.

Here’s a few clips from my experiences in the 70’s: Classified ads in newspapers divided jobs into Jobs for Women/Jobs for Men. In California only ‘heads of households’ (i.e. the man) could collect unemployment. Women who became pregnant had to quit. Sometimes you had to quit if you got married. Medical schools, law schools, business schools had quotas to limit female admissions. Look at those class pictures on the walls of your school — -not many female faces before 1960, are there?

Young women everywhere: join the journey. Know that whatever you are doing now, it was made better by women like Hillary and her contemporaries and the suffragettes before them. Lift up a younger woman, counsel, advise, and guide her. Do what men have done for each other forever. Never forget to stand strong for our rights. Vote for women who support women.

Readers, men and women, who experienced similar share your own herstory.

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