This article is a great example of liberal word-gymnastics.
Jon Hanemann

This post is so laughably terrible, but I’ll take the bait because I’m bored:

It’s about promoting the idea of SELF-RESPECT and discarding the belief that women have to display themselves like pieces of meat in order to achieve anything. This is especially the case with girls in their formative years.

It’s about promoting the idea of SELF-RESPECT and discarding the belief that “boys will be boys” — that men should have anything less than full responsibility over their actions & reactions. This is especially the case with boys in their formative years.

So we shouldn’t bother with the question at all? So this means it’s OK if your 13 year old daughter walks around in short-shorts that go up her ass? REALLY??

No, you shouldn’t bother with the question at all. Why are you even imagining someone’s 13 year old daughter walking around with short-shorts that go up her ass anyway? Mind that plank in your own eye.

Cue the SJW narrative.

Yeah, it’s funny, there’s a lot of that in the bible. It’s mainly about what you need to do about yourself and your own concerns, though. Turns out there’s social justice that happens naturally when a lot of folks have their own selves in order.

Right, and there’s not a problem of that in western culture as a whole. There’s pretty much a shared agreement that we’re all responsible for our own thoughts.

You must not get out much. Or you’re in denial. There’s a whole America out there full of guys claiming they couldn’t help themselves, that they were led on — that all these shameful women made these men feel things and do things they couldn’t control.

7) “ It grants men and boys amnesty from the responsibility of their own sexual choices.”
If you think there’s a big problem with this in our culture at large, you’re mistaken. If anything, men are blamed and shamed every day in our culture.

Again, you must not get out much. Or talk to very many women. Good men can take the blame & shame as advice for growth or let it slide off because they know they’ve got a handle on themselves.

8) “ Many conferences and books in that era even went so far as to name women the “gatekeepers” of sexuality.”
In the heterosexual world, this is absolutely the case. Women are the ‘deciders.’ THEY decide if anything sexual is going to happen. If a woman decides sex isn’t happening, SEX ISN’T HAPPENING. It’s called BIOLOGY. They’re the ones with the vaginas, so they’re the ones who make the decisions. That’s just reality.

What’s reality in the heterosexual world is that women are, on average, smaller and less physically strong than men. If a man decides SEX IS HAPPENING, BIOLOGY is not in a woman’s favor. Have you never heard of the term “rape”? It’s an actual thing that happens. Hell, it even happens to men sometimes, BIOLOGY aside.

This is really just another article to promote moral relativism. My advice to any father is, don’t let your young daughter dress like a whore. She’ll thank you for it later in life.


My advice to any father is, teach your son to take responsibility for his own heart & actions. It’s none of his business how any woman dresses. He’ll thank you for it later.

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