The long trek that was 2015

As the year is drawing to an end and 2016 is just around the corner, I choose not to join the many others in setting resolutions for the New Year. Instead, I choose to reflect on the last year and figure all the missed opportunities, all of my successes and set new goals to reach in the upcoming year.

The summary of my 2015 is: it was a make or break year.

I can’t help but feel as we head towards 2016, the last year was about proving myself in many ways. Mainly proving myself true to my ambitions, no matter how high they were set.

I had one main objective that I had to reach. Move up in my career for the first time thus completing it within my set time of two years. I was so set in reaching this goal that I started sacrificing aspects of my live without noticing.

There are moments in life in which we are so concentrated in, so focused and that we start to fail to understand how they affect us. I failed to account how the leading up to achieving my objective, achieving success and living with that success would affect me personally.

As a result, my health has been greatly affected from consuming easy and quick food from all being exhausted from the late shifts at work.

Finding a way to balance the personal life and the professional life is key to a bright future.

There needs to come a time where you stop giving yourself a 110% towards your professional life and have to find a way of maintaining the efficiency and taking time for yourself. I have not known how to relax, I admit to being a workaholic and something within tells me that this path will not end well if I do not change how this is being handled.

I do have not set any Resolutions simply because I do not believe in them. I started working with set goals a few years back and I have reached every goal so far. I have learned many lessons along the way and the one that I am facing now is learning that in success, there is also defeat.

My goal for 2016 is to step back. To enjoy what I have worked so hard for and learn to take the time to appreciate what I have and work for myself and not someone else.

Work to live and not live to work.
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