What Has Twitter Become?
Damian Corbet

Great post, Damian, and I agree with both your and Umair’s contentions. This said, I still find tremendous value in Twitter for:

  • Various news topics
  • Connecting not with “gurus” but actual subject matter experts

My problem is perhaps simpler, but another one: how do I manage the tremendous wealth of information on Twitter alongside a continuum of other sources, from RSS feeds, to email lists, to even meta-Twitter via tools like Nuzzle, and now (of course) Medium, all while preserving an ability to interact.

I am concerned about Twitter’s future, given their fundamental needs to evolve their business model, while still providing reasons, as you insightfully point out, for people to stick around and participate.

There was a tremendously well thought out treatise by a VC (I believe) who had invested in Twitter. It was an optimistic post that almost offered a product development roadmap for the future. I’ll try to dig it up and post it.