Hey! I’m Lisa Turner and I am preparing to dive into the world of UX at General Assembly’s UXDI program in DC. What brings a former behavioral therapist for children with Autism into the field? The biggest draws of UX to me are: the creative problem-solving, working with people, and getting more involved in the tech industry. I loved working with children, but I found that my inability to apply my creative side to my work to be quite frustrating. Also, I have always seen myself as a “tech person” — from saving my childhood allowance for months to purchase my first iMac, taking courses in Graphic Design, and providing “tech support” to coworkers and family members.

Having a passion for helping people, specifically individuals with special needs, I believe that UX/UI provides a solid means of assisting people and enhancing their experiences. The areas of usability, accessibility, and user interaction are specifically interesting to me. I love problem-solving, designing, and creating and therefore I think the UXDI program is a great start on a new career path.

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