— — Everyone knows that one womanizer, or that one friend that dreams of being a womanizer. Whether he succeeds or not, he will always seek the attention of women in any way possible. This Albanian commercial for ALBtelecom, a phone company, illustrates the need for attention. The product is humorously presented to help one who seeks the attention of females with the power of 4G high speed internet. Anything to get the product across, I guess.

— — The commercial shows a man sitting alone at an outdoor café with women sitting at other tables. The women are minding their own business and all is okay, until the man switches his relationship status on his phone. When he is taken, everything seems normal, but as soon as he switches it to single, the women are all over him. The man goes back and forth from single to taken, and in the non-virtual world he is surrounded by beautiful girls who immediately want him. Unrealistic, but the fantasy of many men.

— — There are no words in the ad until the end saying things like “news gets around fast,” which is used for the unique selling product of faster internet speeds. “Faster and more” is the corresponding logo. Anyways, the need for attention is very obvious in this short commercial and is somewhat entertaining. I don’t think switching to ALBtelecom = hot chicks, but faster internet is something we are all looking for today.

— — The appeal of need for attention is switched in terms of the usual targeted gender. A lot of advertisements that use the need for attention are designed to reach females with for example, makeup commercials. Some are more effective and/or common than others. This ad was different, which is why I liked it more.

— — To conclude, I believe that the effectiveness of the ad was pretty good. The phone companies usually release ads that have to do with need for affiliation or escape, and this is a little different. It does not bore the viewer with overwhelming amounts of detailed information. My focus was never lost during the commercial, but that is just me. Whether it is need for internet speed, or need for attention, we all want it, so advertises will recreate it.

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