Working in a Team

When you take care of the team, you take care of the project. Our group project was to created an isolated infrastructure of five networked servers. This was so that the company that we were working for can go into a new venture without disturbing it’s present operations. They needed this new isolated infrastructure in order to work on this venture. It was a good project to work on because it gave us the ability to dive into the subject matter that we are learning. Which is to build an infrastructure of networked servers. As was instructed by the project, we divided up the responsibilities to time management, documentation, procedure, risk management, and resources. My piece of the project was to work on the documentation of the project.

My favorite part of working on the project was working with my teammates. I love the exchange of ideas. The back and forth of how we should do something and why we should do it that way. It helped us explore the project itself. Asking questions of what is the project asking us to do. What were the missing pieces that we have to fill? Such as thinking through each of roles and figuring out task of executing that role. This meant doing research of what each role actually do. As the person who work on the documentation, my job was to gather up everyone’s knowledge of their particular role.

The most difficult part of the project was also my most favorite part, working with my team mates. Everyone had their own ideas and trying to find common ground wasn’t always easy. Sometimes we didn’t see the project the same way but the good thing was that we were about to talk out what the issues were and dealt with them according. Also, one of our teammates was missing in action because of medical reasons. Not only did we had to do our piece of the project but we had to his piece as well. We were able to pull it off nonetheless. The situation with the missing teammate and the discussions the team had gave me a better idea of who I was working with and a better appreciation of the people I was working with.

Looking back on the project, I don’t think it is about what I or my team would of done differently. I think we did a great job together. I think it was more about how the project was structured. I didn’t like the fact that we did more of the organizational part of the project as oppose to the more technical part of the project. The ask of the project was to put people into roles instead of giving them technical tasks to produce a product. I would like to be more involved with the technical part of the project but because we were more involved in trying to figure out the roles of the project I didn’t have much more time to work on anything else.

I did work on a technical concept in the project that I thought was interesting. It was creating an answer file. This is a piece of technology helps with building machines with a specific configuration. It was a tedious process of getting the right configuration that I wanted for the server that I was building. But in the end, I had a great satisfaction when the server was built and it had the configuration that I wanted.

All in all it was a good experience. I enjoyed working with the people in my group and learned not to sweat the small stuff.

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