tl;dr: Going to PHPBenelux, leaving at Jan 27th, returning on Jan 31st.

Stay calm! This is not a glitch in the matrix, it is time to post update from last year.

PHPBenelux is by far my favourite PHP related conference. Went there in 2014 with Matej and in 2015 with Srdjan, Robert, Nikola and Boni. Who will join me in 2016?

Again, my preparations start with a CFP tweet.

I strongly suggest that you submit a talk. Even if you are not selected, come prepared as they have an excellent unconf track, so you will have an opportunity to…

Tried to capture little bit of atmosphere from PHP conference devoted to software architecture and best programming practices. Organised by @phpsrbija.

First up was Shawn McCool talking about Designing a Model Architecture. Pretty complex topic, but it was covered with very easy to follow examples. Using real life code examples felt great because “Car extends Vehicle” examples are starting to get boring and making a jump to your everyday work is not always straightforward. I was sceptical at first by the amount of code slides, but they tie the whole talk together and introduce you to Command Bus and…

Brain dump about technical stuff around video recording and editing and little bit about benefits of having every user group talk published online.

I tried to capture process of filming talks that are given at our ZgPHP user group meetups. It is meant as more of a helpful guideline for other fellow user group organisers, rather than authoritative “this is the only way to do it” tutorial. From short discussion that Kayla started on Twitter, I noticed that there are a few misconceptions about technicalities and amount of work involved, so let’s try to shed some light on those.


After Sculpin proved himself to be a team player, I wondered if we could make him do one more thing — together with Travis CI, take care of our deployments.

Static sites, like ours, are very easy to deploy. Just type in:

rsync -rv /local/sculpin/output_prod

and presto! Deployed!

That is simple enough, but it should be even simpler! Since Sculpin is heavy user of Symfony Console, it is only logical that deployment should be in realm of:

sculpin publish

and presto! Deployed!

But it is still not simple enough. You have to juggle public keys on deployment server. If…

Few weeks ago, we relaunched our ZgPHP user group website. It brought some changes and one very positive effect that we did not expect.

We left Wordpress platform — none of organisers was really comfortable using it. Yes, it made writing and publishing easy, but it required some maintenance as well as some head scratching when bigger changes in site structure needed to be made. It felt as if we were changing our processes and ideas to fit website, instead other way around.

Ivan was fiddling around static site generators for quite a while. The design that you are looking…

PHPSerbia crew have a excellent track record of organizing quality conferences and meetups, so attending this event was really a no-brainer. Together with Goran, Nikola and felow speaker Ivan we formed a small ZgPHP delegation and headed of to Belgrade.

Last year I visited an event organized by PHPSerbia in Novi Sad and I am positively shocked how they stepped up with both quality and quantity.

First up was Sebastian Bergmann with his Moving Fast Without Deploying Broken Things. It is always great to hear people talk about software that influenced so many good practices and how much work…

2015? Are you mad? We are not done with 2014!

True. There is still a big part of 2014 left. And yes, there are many great conferences to attend in the following months. But there are great conferences scheduled for early 2015 that can be potentially missed, with PHPBenelux being one of them.

Recently, this tweet caught my attention.

While you might not be in “going around conferences giving talks” mindset, these tweets indicate that there are people already working on organizing a best possible conference and if you want to grab the best deals in terms of tickets…

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