PHPSerbia crew have a excellent track record of organizing quality conferences and meetups, so attending this event was really a no-brainer. Together with Goran, Nikola and felow speaker Ivan we formed a small ZgPHP delegation and headed of to Belgrade.

Last year I visited an event organized by PHPSerbia in Novi Sad and I am positively shocked how they stepped up with both quality and quantity.

First up was Sebastian Bergmann with his Moving Fast Without Deploying Broken Things. It is always great to hear people talk about software that influenced so many good practices and how much work is involved behind the scenes as well. Hats off to Derick Rethans as well.

Next up was Srdjan Vranac, with a “I walk in the shadow of valley of tests” — motivational talk about testing. Except a lot of motivation, Srdjan included some wicked links to improve your game — one of which was Cyber dojo. I have been reading about code katas and this seems like a perfect fit.

Bit of shameless self promotion — did a Codeception talk, so if you listened to it I would like to hear your feedback.

Fellow ZgPHP organizer Ivan Habunek talked about Testing open source projects with Travis CI. I’ve been to his talk last year and I am very glad that he covered all the changes and updates that happened to Travis in that period. Too bad that it is still out of my budget.

Unfortunately, I missed quite a lot of Narrative, API testing for a pragmatist so I will need to get hold of Ilija Studen because it looked quite interesting.

Sasa Stamenkovic decided to deliver two talks, both of which included a live coding part. This is always tricky and speakers usually avoid it — because it just waits to fail. Luckily, all went well so check out Story BDD with Behat and Spec BDD with PHPSpec.

Michelangelo van Dam took us away from fairy tales into the real world project from GitHub and showed how to start testing, effectively removing all arguments that testing cannot be done on old, legacy projects. Your code are my tests is not for the weak-hearted!

Last talk of the day was reserved for Continuous Delivery 101 by Darko Fabijan. I always liked the possibility of turning on some features, so hopefully I will get around on digging into this sooner as it is on my to do list for quite some time.

Once again, big thanks to organizers for putting up an event like this. I must admit that I was skeptical of success of testing themed conference but it turned out a big hit. Can wait what they will think of next.

Passion driven developer.

Passion driven developer.