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Helping the business team see through the eyes of the user.

A pet insurance company can’t understand why no one is filling out their form. They think, “It must be the UX,” and hire a team of designers to redesign the form. The designers divide the form into steps to make it easier to digest, add micro-animations to create delight and change the colors of the form to make the form “fun” to fill out. When all was said and done, the number of form responses stayed exactly the same.

When working with clients, there’s a process before the process.

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Yes, we have the Design Thinking Process. Through 5 phases, it leads us through the steps of uncovering the user needs, generating ideas, building those ideas and then testing them with the user. It begins and ends with the user. This sounds right. It makes sense. After all, we are trying to solve user problems, right?

The thing is, a lot of times this doesn’t work. A lot of times we aren’t being introduced to a problem that needs to be solved. We are being tossed into a vortex of…

Like any relationship, you must court, nurture and tend to your users to be successful.

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UX Designer, UX Researcher, UX Strategist, UX-UI Specialist

I am going to say it,

UX titles suck.

Why? Because none of them contain the word “business” and at the end of that delightful user journey is a business, YOUR business to be exact. Whether you are B2B or B2C, SAAS or a Start-up, user experience is more than your design, more than your UI, more than making your users happy.

UX is part of your business model and, like company culture, it will exist and grow whether you mind it or not. …

Your Guide to Marketing, Brand and UX Personas

Three guys walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “So, what brought you guys in today?”

The first guy says, “I’m a beer drinker. I really like beer and prefer it over other things like liquor.

The second guy says, “I really like this bar. I feel comfortable here and I get the impression that the bar likes me back. I fit in here.

The third guy says, “I work hard, long hours. I want a place where I unwind and reset.

Ok, so this isn’t a joke, but it’s OK if…

The User Experience doesn’t start, nor does it necessarily end, with digital.

What do you see when you read the following job postings?

Dear Director of Getting It Done,

I get it, I really do. User Experience certainly seems like one of those “nice to have” things. Who wouldn’t want their users to have a “delightful” time? Who wouldn’t want to be “empathetic” to their needs?

I know you think about your users in the website revision meetings! I’ve listened to you try and put yourself in the customer’s shoes in the feature development discussion!

I also know that you are up to your eyeballs busy every day getting a website up and running and due yesterday that creates value for the company…

Which is really just about eating cake.

What is UX?

To answer that, let’s look at:


When a cake is placed in front of you, lots of things happen.

  1. You see the cake and it looks delicious.
  2. You smell the cake and it makes you hungry for a slice.
  3. You cut into the cake and the knife slides easily through, making you anticipate the taste of the creamy frosting and moist cake.
  4. You taste the cake & it’s delicious, matching its smell and appearance and you are happy.

A list of skills that will make you a UX superhero. (Coding isn’t one of them.)

There are plenty of resources on UX methods, processes and what deliverables you can create. What I don’t see a lot of is what happens when you land that job and life gets Here are some pointers and resources to help you keep that shiny new UX Designer title you just put on your LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Know how to hit the ground running.

Gone are the days of getting a whole two weeks to receive proper training and “find your way around.” Business move at lightening speed and when you come aboard it may feel like you…

What do you do if the client has a tight budget and doesn’t want to invest in UX because they already “know” who their customer is?

You go Gorilla UX.

There is a way to gather user research that you can use to gain insight and create a persona based on real data that doesn’t cost a penny. How? By Kickstarting your project with data from crowdfunding profiles.

Let’s do a mock case study to see how you can do this.

FurBrains, Inc has a new product that they want to do a website for. It's an interactive plush that tells bedtime stories.

They want you to design the product website and they have given you a deck with who they are directing their marketing towards…

For some websites and apps, the UX is truly is about the journey than the destination. Take for example, my project involvement with designing a solution for a 529 contribution website. At first it seemed that the money contributed was the incentive and reward for the account holders. But is that true? When designing a solution for goal setting, we luckily have some theories that can help lead us in the right direction.Let’s walk through an example similar to the 529 contributions website. Here is Picatso. He is a bit sad about his weight and so he has decided to…

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