Meet Scarlett.

Your a lying POS crisis actor. The school was closed. The lasted interview with a “sandy hook dad” on Megyn Kelly said he held his son with a bullet hole in his head .The coroner says different, the coroner says none of the “parents” were even allowed to see their children much less hold them. People do not give this lady money this is all fake. Do your research. Shame on you lady working with the government to brainwash the masses and try to pass bills to take away our 2nd amendment. People this is a FALSE FLAG if this does not get taken down and you are able to read this PLEASE do your research it will take 5 minutes to learn the truth. If after 5 min of research your not taken away by the truth then you can call me crazy or any other names you want, but pls look into this… DO NOT BE DECIEVED.

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