How to get that Old Hollywood Summer Style

An Old Hollywood Summer is the picture of effortless, golden glamor. There’s something about those old monochrome photos of icons past that channel this sublime, timeless bliss. Summertime is the season of sun-drenched memories, documented to affectionately look back on with rose colored glasses. And generations to come will be flipping through those old albums, equally savoring and admiring warm memories of yore.

As we brood over these memories to come, I recall the monochrome memories of my own familial photographic history. There is such timelessness and levity exuded by the characters in each picture, only made more authentic in the faded wear and tear around the edges. Whether famous or not, those old photos always have a touch of glamour.

In an age where our albums are social feeds, I am clenching to the slow preservation of film. Something about telling my grand children to check my Instagram just doesn’t quite resonate. So below is the formula to a timeless summer that will age like fine wine.

The Anatomy of that Old Hollywood Summer essence Timelessness

Summer is one of the best seasons for timelessness. The summer uniform is easy going to match the summer mood, making it one of the most consistent staple wardrobes through generations. Shorts, tied blouses, linen fabric, and bright sun dresses. The fashion of summer is one that resonates years later, especially brilliant in photographs.


Summer should be defined by ease — slow days and minimal ensemble effort. Trends take a backseat to style. Outfit formulas are dialed down to a constant and reliable formula.


Autumn is for fussy layers. Summer is for simplicity. This is the season to try minimalism and keep your ensemble subtle and easy.


An outfit that can go from brunch to beach is worthy of summer staple status. Espadrilles or linen sun dresses are both cute enough for mimosas but built for spontaneous waterside activities, should they present themselves.


Summer calls for accessories that achieve both form and function. Accessorize with a pair of sunnies or a wide brim hat to shield the summer sun and a tote that can withstand sand.

Print your photos

After your likes have died down, try to ship those pictures out to be developed, savored in frames or photo albums. The tangibility you get from a printed photo lets your mind time travel to a place that allows you to relive those memories where as digital photos dull that experience to a fleeting scroll through feeds.

Originally published at Pursuit of Daydreams.