How to break a trend trance


With the prevalence of social media, the rise of bloggers and influencers, and the more traditional advertorials, a trend’s ubiquity has never before been so persistent.

And the more persistent these images, the more we fall deeper into a trend trance.

We see one blogger’s perfectly styled outfit and then we are inundated with a street style stars rendition. We are pummeled with runway and editorial images and tempted by catalogs and advertisements. Before you know it, you are deep within the unrelenting clutches of I-need-it-all-and-I-need-it-now impulse shopping.

A trend trance is a shopping hypnosis that can wreak havoc on your wallet and clutter your closet, only lessening its power over you after the damage is done. The trend dies and your closet and bank account are in shambles, leaving you wondering why on earth you would ever think purchasing 12 pairs of culottes and every iteration of shoulder-bearing blouses was a good idea.

In order to break the trend trance, ask yourself these three questions before you swipe your card.

  1. Does this even fit into my current wardrobe?
  2. Our wardrobes already embody our preexisting style preferences. If you find that you have nothing that this current trend would accent or contribute to, you should probably skip this fashion fancy.
  3. Does this even fit who I am?
  4. Trends exude certain themes and narratives that can enhance or fall in line with your personality and individual style. There is nothing wrong with veering from your usual style, but if you are buying something simply for the surface hype and imagery of it, it will expire on you as fast as it came.
  5. What are my motives?
  6. Are you entranced purely due to external peer pressure or are there individual preferences contributing to your craving? Shopping under the influence is dangerous and you have to pinpoint what exactly you are drunk on.
  7. We can so easily get starry eyed at the newest, shiniest trend, often foregoing any former financial sensibility because Olivia Palermo styled it so effortlessly. And then we can’t help but swoon and succumb because “OMG, how could I ever live without that velvet slip dress?”
  8. There is nothing wrong with using others as a healthy source of inspiration, but if you are buying something solely because of someone else, it will never be as effortless and it will absolutely never be timeless.
  9. Assess your post buying sentiments.
  10. If you have already succumbed to the pressure of the trend and you already bought an item on a whim, go through these questions again and figure out how you actually feel about your purchase. Do you have buyer’s remorse or are you thrilled about your new addition? If you have any guilt for having bought into a trend, keep those receipts and remedy your lapsed judgment.
  11. On the other hand, if you talked yourself out of buying the item, but can’t help but think about it endlessly, perhaps factor it into your budget and treat yourself.

Originally published at Pursuit of Daydreams.