Another Project Will Be Born

One of talented Talent in the “Romance” project

Since when my failure turned out to be a strong motivation to urge me not to give up on any reasons. The Project named “Romance” interview short video will be born soon for this Valentine’s Day 2017, which is also my very first independent project that requires tremendous teamwork effort than ever. I had to plan out the idea by myself, pitched the idea to members in team and put my project into an action, which is the hardest part in the production process(Actually, every parts of production are all hard for me because of the barrier language). But everything would be fine if I keep my feet solid as the life-learn experience I’ve always taught myself is “To build the wholeness you need to solve smallness”. And such memo has struck in my hand as the permanent goodness in me to keep everything positively. Even right at this moment, my project has gone over 70% and I’m feeling depressing now because it hasn’t gone with my expectation. All footages I reviewed ugly, honestly. Very embarrassed to admit such fact but it actually was. However I’m still proud. I still have my youth to try to fail and to make more mistakes. There would be harder and more violent in the future, I wouldn’t take this tiny failure as the step back to not move on. In some many ways, failure can be still awesome. Let's failure be a part of your body.