The Definitive Guide to Inbound Marketing

The Fundamentals

Would you like to see optimal growth throughout your business? Inbound Marketing is your answer! Inbound marketing creates long-lasting relationships with consumers/clients regardless of the type of business you’re running. Trust is a major part of any type of relationship, even professional ones. Dan Schawbel wrote an article in Forbes called “10 New Findings About the Millennial Consumer” which explains how businesses are struggling to connect with the millennial consumers due to their inability to connect. Studies show millennials make up 1/4th of the entire population. Maybe businesses are just using the wrong method of marketing.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing allows businesses to create a bond with their consumers to fugure out their wants/needs. This allows the business to narrow down ideas, and eventually be able to target their number one consumer the best way possible. If a company doesn’t take the time to understand who their biggest asset is then they won’t be able to fully cater to consumers desires. Instead of using outbound marketing such as cold calling, businesses should resort to using the World Wide Web in order to market to these millennials. Our generation relies heavily on technology, therefore marketing should be done via the Internet. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but companies should invest some time in getting to know who they are trying to sell to because that is what Inbound Marketing is all about. This quote, “quantity over quality”, explains outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing. The old marketing techniques would aim at targeting everyone. I would receive calls frequently throughout my childhood from people trying to sell something. I noticed they would never ask personal questions, and now I realize it’s because they didn’t care. They were just trying to make as many sells as possible. Now, companies have to put in a little more effort in order to make the sell.

Inbound From a Business Perspective

If you own a business, you’re probably thinking… “Why should I invest time, when I could be selling?” Well, if a business invests time to get to know their client/client’s, eventually a trustworthy relationship will form, and the consumers begin to do all of the marketing for that particular business by providing good reviews/recommendations. In return, the business saves money on marketing costs, and is still able to generate happy, loyal customers. Businesses main priority is ROI, and Inbound marketing is the key to maximize your ROI.

Compelling Consumer Stories

One great example of inbound marketing is to create compelling consumer stories. James Kotecki has made a successful career in marketing that revolves around creating these stories. Studies show how consumers are more likely to trust regular people like yourself over a professional marketer, CEO, or a company employee. Think about ProActive…they are a successful company because their consumers do their advertising for them. When I think about ProActive, all of those compelling consumer stories come to mind. Why? Their customers are happy with the product therefore, they dont mind sharing. When we see other people leaving reviews, or sharing their story we are more likely to trust that the product is worth buying. Keep in mind, your buyer’s persona when deciding which approach to inbound marketing you’re going to use. It’s important to consider “the buyer’s journey” when building content to market because it keeps your focused on the end goal. Have a plan and be sure to follow it!

Instead of investing a huge amount of money in advertising, invest time in building client relationships, and watch your business flourish.

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