I believe.

It was a hot, humid, and boring afternoon. I had finished helping my grandma with the house chores, we had finished early. I laid on the couch; thinking of doing something. I remained there. Doing absolutely nothing time turned into a blur.

The bright sunlights’ rays slowly started to dim. They faded and yet I still lay there without a purpose; nor a reason. My surroundings remained the same. My thinking however had gone beyond turmoil. My mind was conflicting on everything. Overthinking, every detail of all I had done even if I’d done absolutely nothing. Then suddenly I gazed around my surroundings; it was dark. I had wasted an entire day. There I was pondering, me: pondering on things I had not even done, the things I just thought of doing and in the end I’d done nothing.

As a growing young adult I now realize how much of my time I have wasted on overthinking and planning for something I didn’t even do. I now believe we should not overthink things. To just go with the flow, better memories are made this way. Anyway, planning only drives for perfection and there is no such thing.

I believe. (Now)