Helping inspired React gurus make the world better with a bootcamp — help

I tend to work with companies that inspire me, and that is one of the things that gives me the most joy. I recently became involved with LeanJS, an elite software development company that has embark in the quest of helping companies cope with the (huge) talent gap between the arrival of React as the key front-end development framework and the lack of skills in the market.

It sounds easy enough, and the truth is that they are able to improve performance by a good 30% while increasing quality of delivery and speed with their comprehensive 4-day React Bootcamp. That is a lot!

Digital leaders like Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb and many more are fully committed and I think there is no going back. The question is if any company with a digital presence of any relevance can afford not to jump onto this trend.

Because they are a group of elite React developers, they get lots of request from the market to work as developers. But they have realised there is no way they can deliver all that is needed. So they have decided to offer 3 ways for companies to achieve their objectives: a bootcamp, hands-on coaching (with knowledge transfer), and development of MVPs (4 to 8 weeks for B2C products).

As I work with them, I wonder how to reach out to the people they are inspired to help. Are these development leads? Are they the developers themselves as they realise ReactJS is coming and fast? Are they scrum masters looking to increase velocity and deliver more and better?

I’d love to hear from those out there who are facing these issues. How can this great company help? What is the most relevant way to match their inspiration with what people can really benefit from their quality?

Also, do you see this talent gap regarding React? It’s a great opportunity for underrepresented segments of society to come into the fray and help deliver the digital revolution.

Get in touch with me on or @NovellaLuis and help me grow this movement.