Welcome To Wave Entertainment

Welcome To Wave!

We’re excited to introduce you to Wave Entertainment! Wave has been a project that has been worked on behind the scenes for a few months with a goal to group together broadcasters with similar thoughts, goals, communities and work together to strengthen them for the future. With a high focus on interacting with the community and providing positive experiences for everyone watching, Wave Entertainment was formed.

Firstly we have Leahloveschief, a variety streamer with an FPS focus. Having a great stream filled with laughs, goofy shenanigans, and lots of shooting. In her stream you can find a mixture of Overwatch, Destiny, and other games whenever she feels like it! Filled with sunshine, you know you’ll get real and fun all in one place. With cute emotes of herself, you can check her live most days in the evening EU hours and early afternoon NA hours.

You can follow her twitch channel here: https://twitch.tv/LeahLovesChief

Her Twitter here: https://twitter.com/LeahLovesChief

Next, we have SchviftyFive who’s known for her pink hair and dabs on Twitch. Quirky and fun with some very solid gameplay is what you’ll find in SchviftyFive’s streams. The Division, Destiny, and a mixture of other games are what you’ll find broadcasted on her channel! She has adorable emotes (and new ones on the way!) and has a stream with as many inside jokes that you’ll become her best friend in no time. Catch her live typically starting in the American AM and early afternoon!

You can follow her twitch channel here: https://twitch.tv/SchviftyFive

You can follow her twitter here: https://twitter.com/SchviftyFive

We also have Charionna. The man of quick jokes, twitter memes and the luscious beard. Known for having a world first raid clear in Destiny and recently embracing his inner weeb. While primarily a Destiny streamer, Char streams a variety of games and new releases (maybe one day he’ll actually finish one). If you want a manly man in your life, check his streams live in the early American afternoons and occasional night streams.

You can follow his Twitch channel here: https://twitch.tv/Charionna

You can follow his Twitter here: https://twitter.com/CharionnaTV

Next we have DizzyKitten, who’s a fully variety streamer. Mainly focusing on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and single player playthroughs now, but who has also dived into CS:GO, WOW, and Overwatch before. As a night time broadcaster she’s the perfect watch for you late night folk and people who love a wide variety of games! Also, as the name states she has adorable cat emotes to match.

You can follow her Twitch channel here: https://twitch.tv/DizzyKitten

You can follow her Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DizzyKitten7

Lastly we have Scrubing, another fully variety streamer. They’ve streamed almost every game on Twitch, from weeb games to FPS while also spending their stream time talking and hanging out with chat. With cute cat emotes too and fast talking, this is the streamer to watch if you want to watch the most random games on Twitch. If this sounds like you’re place to go, check out his streams around the evening American hours.

You can follow his Twitch channel here: https://twitch.tv/Scrubing

You can follow his Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Scrubings

Our group is filled with love for streaming, love for their communities and a love for hanging out and playing games. We hope to offer you content that you’ll feel at home with, and offer you even more fun times to entertain you! Of course, this team won’t be taking away or altering your favorite content by any means, but we’ll be trying to further ourselves and take our next steps into becoming more professional and connected influencers.

Make sure to check out and follow all of our content producers as well as make sure to follow Wave Entertainment’s social media at https://twitter.com/WaveEntertain to keep up to date with our team!

We’re all excited for the next chapter of our broadcasting careers, and we’re happy you guys can join us with and experience this chapter with us. If you have any questions regarding the team make sure to ask your favorite broadcaster! Stay tuned later this week for even more announcements that we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear!

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