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Know that many people in Germany are not confident (around 60%) that the German government can not deal with the refugee crisis. With a reason: At the moment the government is made up of three parties to the dispute. They do not solve any problems like the lousy living conditions of the refugees or the missing policy of integration, they just cause new ones. Some of the Germans are irrationally scared of the influx of people coming into their country and events like the Silvester night in Cologne promote these fears. This leads to a strengthening of far-right parties like the AfD. To a great extend this party is elected by people who do normally not vote. These people would agree on your “ideal refugee”, they would not recognize that you are pillorying these jaundices. In the next years this hate-filled crowd will be the biggest problem for the people in Germany, no matter what country they descend from.

It’s okay if you are not thankful for the actions of the German government, but I suggest you to be thankful for the help of thousands of volunteers who try to buck the crisis.