Being myself

I was asked recently what it means to “be yourself”.

A deep question. I feel as though there are layers upon layers within it.

I fumbled my way through my teenage years. And most of young adulthood. Wanting so much to please others. And somehow feeling I could not.

Wanting so much to be happy but not quite knowing how.

Bouncing through life.

Bouncing hard off other people or circumstances. Getting dented in the process. Denting others.

Till it finally struck me.

Most people were doing just that.

Somehow, most of us are cluelessly getting along — feeling high, feeling low, feeling in-between. Searching and seeking.

Wanting something, anything.

To feel complete.

To feel fully ourselves.

I found my way through SY meditation.

And reading. And writing.

I learned to be silent and just be. Enjoy the present.

I learned to know myself.

My actions. My reactions. My ego. My conditionings.

I learned to know.

I learned to let go.

I learned to grow.

And when I did all that, I began to understand.

Glimmerings of light on my personality.

My talents. My gifts.

My faults. My shortcomings.

I learned to focus on my strengths so that my weaknesses would pale in their light.

I learned to be grateful.

Not looking for approval from others but living with respect towards myself and others

I learned to be myself.

To know, to accept, to build on your strengths and to release what is holding you back. To be the best you can be.

That to me, is to be yourself.