Which were we created for, ownership or stewardship?

I grew up in a self-employed family and not just one where my dad began a business in our garage. But one where it’s started three generations before me. A restaurant in a small town in Kentucky, that originated from the hands of my great grandfather in 1955. Following in his footsteps my grandfather stepped up to the plate and continued to grow the business to provide for his wife and four sons. After his passing my grandmother and her four sons pulled up their boot straps and not only continued the business but grew it to provide for all four of the sons families, totaling to 17 people being supported. The same building from 1955, the same family, the same work ethic, but the drive to continue to push it into the future. So to say I was saturated in this world of ownership, leadership, and entrepreneurs is an understatement.

With that being said when I opened my salon, Revolution H. nearly 5 years ago I took great pride in the label of OWNER. I held my chin high knowing that I would continue this legacy of entrepreneurs on into the future for my sons to see and experience. However, I have been consumed with a struggle recently between the pride in ownership and the humility of stewardship.


Ownership: the state, relation, or fact of being an owner.

Stewardship: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

After a conversation with my dad discussing the fact that I had seen one of the employees that works for him, he quickly corrected me by saying you mean one of the people that works WITH us. I agreed and moved on with our conversation, but God defiantly wasn’t going to let the moment slide. And that is where this battle began. This internal struggle to let go of my need for ownership, which I had always thought was a great attribute. One that led to perseverance, responsibility, hard work, and a limitless future. However, I fear I may have lied to myself for far to long now.

God has begun to truly reveal to me just how far off of my target I was. And in the process has humbled my heart in a million other areas. It began with my salon, which is full of self-employed stylist so I never really looked at them as my employees but the business itself I did look at as mine. The clients that fill my chair and bless me with their business I felt I took ownership of. And yet as I began to take a step back I could see the truth in it all. I am merely a steward of it. Which if I am honest has brought a huge sense of relief as well as responsibility to my perspective. Revolution H. is not owned by me. It is entrusted to me to lead and guide. I am to be a steward of the business that takes place under its roof, and a steward of the people that fill it daily. God is the one who gifted it to me, it is not who I am it is one area of stewardship in my life.

That is where this realization started however it trickled down from their. When you take a step back from the picture of your life and see the husband you have been given as a gift entrusted to you to care for, your children as a gift God has given you to carefully and responsibly manage, things begin to change. I have often shared that after battling with the fear of losing one of our children God spoke clearly to me one night a simple but very true statement: “they belonged to me before they were given to you.” And for years now that has given me peace, but as I have started to use that lens to see my whole world a new sense of joy and value has taken over.

God has entrusted us with the blessings, responsibilities, and struggles we have. It is for us to be good stewards to these things so that they may glorify Him.

So I am laying down my ownership, that is to heavy of a burden and filled with a pride that puts my self worth lumped into the outcome. I am picking up the title of steward. I humbly hold my hands open and carry what God places in them. Knowing that no matter the outcome if my words and deeds find their source from a heart desiring to glorify Him good will come of it. Which is where peace takes hold, knowing that my value does not change based on the outcome.

So will you join me in laying down ownership of that which you have been given. And instead see yourself for what you are, a steward of this life and all that fills it.

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