“Will you lay down your Isaac?”

It was a question asked by a client of mine who couldn’t have possibly known the impact it would leave in my heart. However for a week now I have read and reread Genesis 21 and 22. Completely overtaken by the weight of the question I was asked. You see, the Isaac’s in each of our lives might be different, however when we look at what Isaac was to Abraham and reflect that back to the things, people, or memories we have we will find our Isaac tucked tightly away in a secure place guarded by us.

To Abraham Isaac was priceless. Abraham had already tried to create the blessing of a child through “alternative” methods, but God had a plan and didn’t need his help to achieve it. Abraham (and Sarah) waited, prayed, and longed for a child until Abraham was 100. Now that is a wait! Abraham and I’m sure Sarah saw themselves as parents from the beginning of their union, Abraham desired a son to leave a legacy through, which gave him value for generations to come. Abraham had been given promises that seemed impossible, and Isaac was the fulfillment of all of that. Isaac brought:

• joy

• purpose

• an identity

• a legacy

• fulfillment

To his parents. However things this good can also bring idolatry. Idolatry comes when we place things, people, or life moments before God. Idolatry can sneak in through areas that God gave us as a blessing as well as areas that come from hurt. But we make the choice to place an unwarranted value in these things. And the moment we choose to put more value in them than the God who created us we begin to veer off track. Because where we stare is where we steer.

So I wonder, what is your Isaac? What do you place more value in day to day than God? And would you be willing to lay it on an alter as a sacrifice if asked of you? Are you willing to sell your house and the image of success it presents? Are you willing to stop giving into every desire of your children’s hearts? Are you willing to step away from that job? Are you willing to pull away from that group of friends? Are you willing to place your desire down to gain Gods provision and best for you?

It is a question I am still battling. But as a child of God who truly desires to not just know Him but to see His hand at work in my life I know His provision is what I want. I just can’t imagine my world without my Issac. I can’t imagine me without my Isaac the same way I am sure Abraham couldn’t. However his obedience and trust out weighted his idolatry.

It’s funny because as a woman who had issues with fertility I can remember very clearly the endless nights of begging and crying to God for a child of our own. And when our first son came I remember being flooded with the joy of being called a mom. My identity changed because of a blessing from God. However we must be careful, and realize that is just a label it is not who I am. For I am, the daughter of the one true King first and foremost. I may be Jacobs wife, the mom of soon to be three boys, the owner of a salon, and the stylist to many. But when it all fades away those where just labels I wore during my time here on earth. And if I begin to absorb those labels as my identity they become an Isaac that I must lay at the alter willing to sacrifice so that I am reminded that my purpose, my fulfillment, my joy, my legacy, and my identity is solely found in God alone. He created me to glorify him no matter the earthly cost. So I challenge each of you to weed through your heart and search out the Isaacs that may be lingering down deep inside. It is time we lay them on the alter and allow Gods provision for our lives to take over.