Personal photo. Art by The Moon Beast. Atlantic City, NJ

Why I’m Leaving

I decided to quit my job of almost 6 years, with no clear plan in place aside from some money in the bank and a growing list of “what if i could’s”. It’s been really challenging to process the transition while I work out my final weeks. Some days I’m excited for all the possibilities, other days I wonder what the hell I was thinking and if I could change my mind? On those days, I remind myself why I’m leaving:

because I want to
because I can
because whenever I think about it, I smile
because I feel afraid and excited
because it feels a little bit irresponsible
because it means I have to figure out what’s next
because it’s like I’ve been holding my breath for two years and I can finally exhale
because it’s my life, and if I’m unhappy, failing, tired, overwhelmed, struggling — I want it to be on my terms, not anyone else’s
because I’m only afraid of having no money
because I forgot what wealth really means
because joy lives on the other side
because I have to take risks to live
because I deserve to love my life, unequivocally
because it’s not fun any more
because I want to

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