7 Steps To Your Dream Business And Your Dream Life — Step 2

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This is the second post in my series 7 Steps to Implementing Law of Attraction for Your Business and Your Life. In the first post we talked about Step 1 Know Your Desire. Today we will be talking about

Step 2 Knowing that it will come.

Knowing that will come, or believing, is the real key to manifesting your ideal business and your ideal life. It is important to know that what you believe will happen will, will. Some speak about wanting their new business and all of the benefits of it and may even take some actions such as narrowing a niche and starting a website. They wonder, though, why the business is not getting off the ground and getting increasingly frustrated.

Te definition for Law of Attraction, it’s quite simple, it states:

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. — Michael Losier If you are thinking more about why you are not getting the results you desire or have fears around jumping into your new venture then you are giving your attention, energy and focus to this. These are called your limiting beliefs and the great news is there are many ways to move through them and get your desire results!

You may tell me that you just can’t see how this all works.

How can implementing some mindset “tricks” give you your ideal life and business? Let’s take it from a new life and a business down to a parking space. If you were able to manifest a parking space close to the mall entrance a few times would that increase your confidence that this all works? So, in the beginning, when you’re first working with the idea of your thoughts, and shifting your beliefs and patterns, it’s great to start with something that has not emotional charge for you so that can really get what it means.

Staring with something that has no emotional charge makes it fun and allows you to get into the flow.

Try this. Before leaving home or even on the way or when you reach your destination, imagine the perfect parking space. No stress, just imagine. Consciously choose to have your perfect parking space. Then, expect that it will be there waiting for you when you arrive. Know that you will be guided to the perfect aisle. Visualize yourself pulling up to the place where you choose to park and easily, joyfully, effortlessly pulling into your space. Know, with great confidence, that your inner guidance will tell you where to go. Then, take the action by driving to your destination and seeing your desire manifested. It is a great idea to start with parking spaces and other things to which you are not emotionally attached. This is a HUGE confidence builder and with that confidence you will soon be 100% confident that your true desire will come.

If self-confidence is an issue for you, it was for me for many years, then I recommend the works of Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates. Steve is a world famous hypnotherapist and Brad has been working to support thousands of people to improve their self-confidence using Emotional Freedom Technique. Their program Confidence Beyond Belief was life changing for me as I know it will be for you. Click here to check it out. I would love to my free report, Harnessing Your Inner Power, and lots of other great information with you at no charge. with you at no charge. Just complete the form on my website and you will find it in your mailbox.

Thanks for reading — I’m Sue Ascioti-Plange. I write, hold in person workshops, hold teleseminars and coach all focused around supercharging our personal and business lives, especially entrepreneurs, all focused on using the power of Law of Attraction and mindset. Since 2013 I have been working exclusively in this area helping people have huge breakthroughs in their work and personal lives. Prior to that I was a senior healthcare executive, bringing an empowering message as well as practical workflows to healthcare organizations across the US. You can ask me to work with you, invite me to speak at your event, or set up a conversation on your podcast. I am excited to hear from you!

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