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New Online Courses platform to learn something new in 2017. We’ve added video courses which will help you become a testing expert, take online video courses to become an expert in Selenium, JUnit, Java, ISTQB, Appium, TestNG and others…

Here are some of the latest courses:

The Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide

Selenium WebDriver Testing Online Course

Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide is a step-by-step interactive session that will handhold you all the way to understand software architecture, what should / should not be tested and where you should start.

Video Course on How to Select a Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver

Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver Online Course

Highlights all possibilities available to interact with a dropdown element with Selenium WebDriver, and it covers just the right amount of dropdown interaction details which are needed for automation.

Best Ways on How to Find XPath for Web Elements in Chrome and Firefox Browsers

Find XPath for Web Elements Online Course

XPath Online Course is a comprehensive, yet simple course and it concentrates on identifying XPath for web elements in an very effective way.

How To Write Faster Selenium WebDriver Tests

Faster Selenium WebDriver Tests Online Course

How To Write Faster Selenium WebDriver Tests video course concentrates on best practices for identifying ways to improve your automated tests.

Jenkins CI Installation and Deployment on Mac and Ubuntu (hands-on video course)

Create, configure your first Jenkins job, and run it (debugging results and console logs are also provided)

Learn JMETER from Scratch for Performance Testing and Load Testing (Hands-On Guide)

Apache JMeter Load Testing Online Course is a hands-on, yet simple course and it concentrates on identifying starting to use Apache JMeter to load test any website or web service.

With the above online video courses you’ll get enough knowledge to start your journey into becoming a better tester, more efficient and with loads of hands-on knowledge.

The online video courses are provided by LoadFocus Courses platform.