[FIX] Review of GramFree : Scam or legit ?

GramFree is an airdrop website, claiming that can help you earn $1,000 by completing simple tasks, like watching videos, clicking to sign contracts, and taking lucky spins. We have been experimenting with GramFree for about two weeks now. Here is our (preliminary) verdict.

The Basics

From the homepage, even before you sign-up, GramFree presents issues rarely found in other airdrop sites. There is no Terms of Service page, no clear reward policy, and even no contact us page. Everything is foggy, covered with mystery. Their domain registration information is also giving red flags, with no public information regarding the owners of this website.

How and what you earn

You are supposed to be earning GRAMs with each task completed — although there seems no association with the GRAM token team to exist. Although you earn GRAMs with each completed task, on payout there is no option to cash your earnings in GRAMs, as you would expect. You may cash out using PayPal, credit card, Payoneer, Payeer, or even Bitcoin (more on that later), but no GRAMs.

You can earn GRAMs by completing three kinds of tasks.

You earn by taking and signing contracts. 0.5 GRAM for normal ones, and 1 GRAM for ‘risky’ ones. The risk on the latter, lies with losing one day of signing, which costs you 2 GRAMs. In total, for completing signing a contract, earns you 5 GRAMs for normal contracts, and 10 GRAMs for risky ones.

You also earn by taking lucky spins. Lucky spins earn you 99% of the time 0.1 GRAM and 0.1% of the time 1000 GRAMs, at least on low user levels (tested up to the third level). Now, it looks like in higher levels, you stand better chances on earning more, but it will take you some time, even with referrals. However, you can only take up to 8 lucky spins per day — one her hour.

Finally, you earn by watching videos promoting GramFree — which is silly, since you have already joined the site — posted by users. You also earn by submitting such videos, however all videos posted up until now present how real their payouts are — which is also another major red flag. Watching such a promo video earns you 0.1 GRAM.

There was another way to earn GRAMs by gambling your earned GRAMs, for a luck draw, but this feature is for now deactivated.

How about referral earnings?

Referral earnings is another major red flag — as there is no answers about how you earn for referring users to the site. The only indication the the dashboard, tells that you earn 5 GRAMs for each user signing up, but this is half of the truth. In reality, GRAMs earned for referrals are not credited to your account (they are placed under ‘Pending Rewards’) until your referred users reach Level 2 (each user is earning level 1–2 points with each task completed, and you have to earn 100 points to get to Level 2). If your referred users give up before they reach Level 2, you get nothing. This terms however are scattered throughout the site pages and obviously are subject to review.


Maybe you are stubborn enough to keep trying to earn GRAMs and Level points, or extremely lucky to get the 1000 GRAM reward in a lucky spin — however, none of the videos posted showing payouts present a $2,000 payment, so it seems that this kind of reward has never been awarded to anyone. You cannot cash-out until you have accumulated 500 GRAMs in final rewards — that means Pending Rewards do not count in this. A user watching all videos, and taking all contracts as risky ones (you choose whether a contract will be risky or not upon taking it), along with lucky spins earning 0.1 GRAM per spin, it will take you at least 4 months to reach payout.

4 months for $1,000 is not a bad deal at all, isn’t it?

Hold your horses pal! It’s 500 GRAMs, not $1,000. If GRAM price drops to 0, as the case seems to be after Supreme Court rejected GRAM team appeal for their ICO, you will get exactly 500 x $0. It seems that this is why this GramFree was set up immediately after the preliminary court order declaring their ICO illegal. For your information, ICO pricing was at $4, and now GRAM is trading around $2.

Since there is no ToS, the GramFree team can decide at any time — if things don’t go as planned — to raise payout at 1,000 GRAMs, or 10,000 GRAMs (not that if ToS existed would make any difference, but just taking a note here). Or it can easily decide to delete the website from Cloudflare, pocketing the mined Bitcoins (that’s what contracts you sign are doing), and leaving you with hours wasted for nothing.

As with many others, this is the most likely conclusion of GramFree.




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