Trucking Dispatch Software — How it can Help the Trucking Companies?

If the daily tasks of running your trucking company involve a lot of phone calls, emails and faxes, it might be time for you to upgrade to software technology such as Trucking Dispatch Software or Freight Broker Software. Such software can benefit trucking companies in a number of ways.

Here’s how:

  1. It makes it easy for trucking companies to keep an eye on their trucks and drivers and to whether they are on schedule or running behind with their trips. If your drivers are misusing your trucks for their personal use, switch to Freight Broker Software, which is a reliable route and miles calculator. With this software, you can stay updated with the delivery record and can generate invoices or bills.
  2. No matter how hard you may try to keep your records organized, mistakes may happen. When using Trucking Dispatch Software, you can rest assured that nothing is forgotten and that all of your records are kept accurately. Basically, we can say that this software reduces human error.
  3. By using a trucking dispatch software program, you can get rid of all the physical paperwork. In addition, you can work in an organized fashion and not have to worry about searching for that file you think you left in a pile out in the warehouse. It helps you remove a ton of paper clutter from your office.
  4. Trucking software leads to improved communications with customers and brokers.
  5. It can decrease your work load and help you make better-informed business decisions.

Load Manager has been providing Freight Brokers and Asset-Based Carriers the best wide-ranging software solutions for the past 15 years. Get in touch with Load Manager today to help find the best trucking software solutions for you. The software they provide offers a number of features, such as free miles calculations, free carrier due diligence, fast technical support, free routing and mapping, and many more.

Load Manager also offers TMS software which can offer you a number of benefits, including fast and accurate billing and trip entry, scalability, trucking dispatch via driver smart phone, asset management, maps and miles calculation, IFTA tax data export, maps and miles calculation, driver settlement, driver tracking with GPS from MacroPoint, and more.

It Integrates with:

  1. Safer Watch(TM)
  2. Post Everywhere(TM)
  3. DAT
  4. Internet Truck Stop
  5. 123LoadBoard
  6. FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
  7. Sage Software
  8. Access Your Biz
  9. Microsoft Dynamics
  10. DropBox

For more information, call them today at 888–895–6061. You can also visit their website