Three Things America Lost Today
umair haque

So, let’s see; “…without moral purpose, a nation loses the most valuable thing of all. Trust, faith, self-worth. It comes to see itself as a fallen, broken place. It loses its heart, its spirit, its soul. And it loses its way. It comes to feel empty and hollow inside.”

That’s interesting, because liberals have viscerally and long rejected even the pretense they adhere to any semblance of morality, certainly do not believe in trust (i.e., interpersonal integrity), are adamant they have no faith (except in a totalitarian form of government), and couldn’t agree on what the actual meaning of “heart, spirit or soul” is to save their lives.

It’s really too bad you feel America is a fallen, broken place with no heart, spirit or soul. The majority of us have a lot of hope for the future.

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