Why I left the Border Patrol to study UFOs
Sean Polk

I’m calling BS on you. I don’t think you were EVER in the Patrol, and that your story is a fabrication. What BPA Session were you in? Where was it? What Sector? What was the CPA there? Who was your PAIC and FOS?

Second, everyone else should know that DHS, CBP and the US Border Patrol have exceptionally robust mechanisms in place for reporting misconduct. These cases are investigated by external, independent, and professional elements of DHS internal affairs units, and when needed the FBI Civil Rights Division. Every case is investigated. Failure to report is an offense. Did you fail to report your allegation?

Third, your whole story itself feels made up, or perhaps is elements of stories you heard from somewhere else. You would have only been fired for what happened if you were the Officer dealing out the misconduct you describe. (Termination does not happen as you described it either). You may have quit because the work was difficult, but if you were fired, it was for cause — meaning you were the one guilty of misconduct.

Essentially, I think you are a fake, with a made-up story hoping to get some attention.

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