A beginner guide to Information Architecture in UX Design

Case study:” Marketplace Notification Center ”.

I am currently designing a notification center for a marketplace app, and here is my IA design process.

And to explain a bit of a context here: I am basically designing a marketplace notification center where users can messages/chat with their service providers + notifications to be sent from the marketplace admin to the users.

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Preview of the final prototype.

1- Before starting…consider:

  • emails
  • Push notifications
  • SMSs (will skip the diagram for this one)
  • in-app notifications
  • Simple tab navigation

2- What are the actions that could be performed by the users?

  • Change notification settings in the app.
  • Click on a CTA in an email.
  • Unsubscribe to emails.
  • Click on a push notification/SMS alert.
  • Click on an in-app notification card.
  • Navigate to messages/notification items


2- Avoid sending many messages in a short period of time. You might also consider grouping multiple messages in one notification alert.

3- Set a clear goal for each notification message.

4- Decide the notification type and delivery method based on high/low urgency and the complexity of the message content.

5- Make your messages copy personalized, clear and short.

6- Always link to an action.

7- Choose a perfect timing to send your messages. for that I would recommend doing the following:

  • Get back to the user personas and journey maps you designed, and try to figure out a perfect timing for your users to be checking and responding to messages.
  • Pull some data from your backend regarding usage peak times and most active hours during the day/week.

8- Make sure that you are tracking all events.

9- Plan for an A/B test if you have multiple ways to achieve a certain goal conversion and measure which one is performing better.

10- Send personalized messages based on location.

11- Consider cross-platform read/unread updates.

3- Information Architecture Design:

1- Entry point: users clicking on email CTA (e.g. you have received a message from *** click here to read the message):

  • This is a good opportunity for you to push an install app call to action if you detected that the user doesn’t have the app installed on his device.
  • Link to the ‘message details screen’ instead of ‘all messages screen’
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2- Entry point: push notifications:

  • Combine multiple push notifications into 1 push notification and link it to “All messages” screen
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3- Entry point: in-app notifications:

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  • Display a notification card at the top of the messages feed to highlight your most important message.
  • For important messages like “App critical updates”…I would make the users unable to dismiss the message; but for all other messages, it’s better to provide a dismiss or a close button on the message card.

4- Entry point: Tab navigation:

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4- Final output:

Here are some screenshots for the final prototype I did, give it a CLAP if you enjoyed it!

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Image for post
Chat tab active
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Image for post
Notifications tab active
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Image for post
Message details screen
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Chat screen

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