Ready or not, it doesn’t matter.

I posted this quote once before, when I was about to leave for my European summer.

I’m posting it again now, because I am about to enter week 2 of the rest of my life aka I’m changing careers and attening a full time UX/UI design immersive for 10 weeks. And although I feel a lot better than I did a week ago, there are still some fears in me: Will I get a job before I turn 26 and get kicked off my parent’s health insurance? Did I take out a big enough loan to live until I get (or don’t get) said job? Did I remember to turn of my flat iron when I left the house this morning?

But, the truth is, no one is ever ready. And starting is the hardest part. And I’ve already started! So yes, these upcoming weeks will be hard and sometimes scary, and I will work my booty off to land that job, but it’s okay to not feel 100% ready.

I was so excited to go to Europe, but also a little bit scared. And you know what? It was amazing. Like the best summer ever. And that’s how all the big things are: scary at first, but then not as bad as you thought they were going to be, if not way better than you ever imagined.

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