How Calvin Klein became even more iconic with UGC

It’s been over 2 years since Calvin Klein launched its #mycalvins campaign. In 2015 it was freshened up with the help of Justin Bieber, but this Spring they added a new touch of scandal when they featured stars such as FKA twigs, Kendall Jenner, Abbey Lee Kershaw and others.

Photos of celebrities were positioned alongside statements saying: “I __ in #mycalvins” with a different word filling the blank each time — from “eat” to “making money” and even “flash”.

Details of the campaign:

  • Active: Spring 2014 till now
  • Mechanics: Sourcing photos on Instagram with #mycalvins hashtag

“It’s easy to say ‘we’ll put the consumer first’, but you must genuinely care more about what matters to the consumer than what happens to you.”


What they’ve achieved with UGC:

  1. Over 440’000 photos posted with #mycalvins, because people actually wanted to say what they do in their “Calvins”
  2. Across Calvin Klein’s social media, Facebook increased by 2.2 million followers, Instagram by 1.8 million and Twitter by 1 million.

Photos available to license on Lobster:

#mycalvins #fashion #people

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