How Hong Kong found a way to use UGC to attract travellers from over the world

The Hong Kong Tourism Board, responsible for attracting new tourists to the city, with the help of creative agency Razorfish increased city attraction via user-generated content. They asked the influencers and travellers to share their “I Never Knew Hong Kong…” stories on social media and it was a huge success.

Details of the campaign:

  • Active: Spring 2016
  • Mechanics: Sourcing on social media with a #discoverhongkong hashtag

“The #DiscoverHongKong stories campaign is a mechanism for tourists to discover the endless new experiences our city has to offer. Hong Kong is more than a picture-perfect city; the best experiences lay beyond the obvious and we built this campaign to give those experiences a voice people will listen to.”


What they’ve achieved with UGC:

  1. More than 10,000 user recommendations with one new recommendation every 5 minutes
  2. Over 4 million views of the campaign website during the campaign

Photos available to request on Lobster:

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