LOBSTR partners with Tangem to bring flexible multisig solutions to life

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In the world of crypto, the safety of your funds is determined by the security of your secret key storage. People are always searching for trustworthy wallet solutions and thinking of how to store their private keys.

In this post we want to talk about one of the most efficient solutions to protect your account on the Stellar network — multisignature. If you heard about it, you know that enabling multisig significantly increases the security of your account and protects your wallet from in-person attacks as long as all secret keys are stored separately.

To make multisig setup easy and intuitive we’ve released LOBSTR Vault mobile app in March 2019 and nowadays Vault became a leading solution for multisignature protection. Vault app creates a locally stored signer key that provides an additional layer of protection for the main Stellar wallet and is used to confirm pending transactions on-device. Suited for pros and novices alike, LOBSTR Vault fully integrates with LOBSTR wallet and can be used to increase the security level of the Stellar account. …



Simple and Secure Stellar Wallet. https://lobstr.co

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