Should you quit your corporate job NOW?

2016 is here. If you are wondering whether you should just stick to your job that you know really well or is the time right to take the leap and be on your own? There are plenty of options out there. Some people get laid off and have their decision made for them. For others it can be a tough decision. Going to your office every day in the same exact manner is a comfort for some people. But unfortunately things change in any office situation and you will not have any control over it.

Starting a small business is not for everybody of course and there are plenty of articles out there if you need to read about it. But if you have already made the decision to be your own boss, what business would you choose? Maybe you like the Printing Business? In spite of all the digital media talk, there is a need for business cards, brochures, posters, manuals, promotional material etc. This industry is not going away anytime soon. Of course there are many things you can do online to make the printing business adjust to today’s standards. This is a business that you can start small, learn along the way and grow larger at your own pace. Not many business owners think of an exit strategy, unlike tech start-ups, but printing businesses are always in demand by many people and it can be sold easily using one of the many online portals that sell businesses.

If you decide to quit your large corporate job, and decide to go into the printing business, make sure you establish contact with your HR department. Become friends with HR, Marketing and Sales professionals before you quit. Make sure you get your ex-company as your first client for your printing business. This can be a huge stepping stone that will open many other doors for you for future business.

Your client base for a printing business mainly comes from large corporations. Even tho’ you will be running a small business other small business owners are generally not your typical client base. Most small business owners have a very small budget for printing and you can never compete with large printing houses like Officemax, Kinkos and Vistaprint.

Be brave and quit your large corporate job today. You will have a job for life if you start a Printing Business, buy a Printing Business or buy a franchise that deals with Printing.