2 min readApr 21, 2018

How to wrap and protect a piano for a move

Protecting and wrapping your piano for a move requires a lot of care while handling, you equally need a tight, thorough packing to protect the vital parts of this musical instrument. It needs to be dismantled and wrapped by a professional; padded and sealed totally to ensure safe conveyance to your new location. Get an experienced packing and moving professional that will ensure proper measures are taken to move the piano to your new home without any issue.

Remove the piano lid

The first thing to do when it’s time to move the piano is to remove the piano lid, wrap and pack it separately. Place the lid on a thick, padded blanket and put it aside while you concentrate on wrapping and sealing the piano casing.

Wrap the Piano Casing

With the piano lid securely wrapped and kept aside, cover the piano casing, strings, soundboard, and the keyboard with thickly padded blankets before you then seal with strong packing tape. The next thing to do is to cut and fit cardboard crating over and around the piano top, and ensure the casing is tightly covered by wrapping it over and under the soundboard with a packing tape. The cardboard crating acts as a protection for the fragile soundboard.

Mind the Underside of the Piano

Whoever is assisting you to pack or protect your piano should gently tilt the piano on the flat side of the casing and set in on a flat board to be moved moving. In this position, the legs can be removed; the soundboard and keyboard should be wrapped continuously, so that it’s totally enclosed by the packing blankets and cardboard crating. After you are done fitting crating around the base of the soundboard and securely sealing it with packing tape, while the piano is still resting on its side, shrink-wrap it from top to bottom so that it’s totally wrapped and sealed from all sides. Moving straps are then used on the flat board and around the entire body of the piano body so that it can be easily transported.

Wrapping the Legs and Lid of the Piano

After removing all the legs from the piano, you can then wrap and secure the legs with padded blankets and packing tape for proper protection. Remember, that before this stage, the piano lid had already been wrapped in a padded packing blanket and sealed on all sides with a packing tape. Now that your piano has been securely wrapped for utmost protection, you can then move it to your new home safe and soul!

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