How To Make An Electromagnetsic Motor

Posted by Wade Devvi on Sep 2nd, 2016

An electromagnetic motor is essentially a Bedini motor. The way that an electromagnetic motor works is similar to the how electromagnets at the junk yard pick up cars, but instead of picking up cars it repels a magnetic wheel. I wouldn’t recommend building an electro magnetic generator that can pick up cars. For one that’s a lot of electricity and second it would have to be in the middle of nowhere otherwise it would start sucking up dogs and cats with collars. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Anyway, back to making a electromagnetic motor of smaller size. Electromagnetic motors are set up with a magnetic wheel in the center. The wheel has magnets set evenly spaced around the outside with all of one pole of choice facing outward. Either all north or all south poles. Along the outside is another symetric pattern of copper coils. For example, a set of 6 with 3 coils on top and 3 on the bottom or a set of 8 with for on top for on the bottom.

Each coil is linked to a sensor that detects magnetic fields. When this sensor is tripped by the magnets being place in front of it, it triggers the coil to be turned on. When the coil is turned on the trigger, the coil creates a magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field on the wheel. Example, if the north poles were facing outward on the wheel, the coils would be set to create a north pole field when triggered. This results in repulsion and spins the wheel. A wheel with only 3 or for magnets and only one repelling coil can rotate very fast at for-7000 rpm.

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