My Morning Routine

About 7 months ago I came to a realisation that life was too short and that it’s not worth putting stock into things that are frivolous. Why do we not see what is really important and also right in front of us. Sometimes it takes someone to help us see what is truly important and for me that was my boyfriend.

After focusing on my career for so long and being proficient as an experienced teacher at my school, I wished to find someone to share my life with. Fortunately after meeting my boyfriend, he was able to make me realise that some of the littlest thing that happen in a day are the best moments, and it takes training and practice to see them as well as really appreciate them. Once I used these techniques I formed a routine in the mornings to help start my day positively. I can gladly say that after 6 months I feel healthier and happy with life and find it easy to cope with stresses at work and hard obstacles in life.

My morning routine looks like this:

  1. Wake up and hot shower — I find that having a high talking job (high school teacher) requires me to warm up my voice in the mornings. Hot stream and a fresh start to the day is always the best thing, especially in winter when it will be cold in the mornings.

2. Prep for breakfast — while still getting ready I would put the Moka pot on so that my coffee would be ready once I got dressed. Afterward I would make either fresh ricotta, strawberries on multigrain toast or an acai breakfast bowl or have a few energy balls (homemade) to snack on with my flat white.

3. Taking a moment to breath in the fresh air — I love sitting outside on my balcony. The atmosphere at West End is peaceful and relaxing, because not too many people are up yet at 6:30am. I either browse through social media or look through photos of my previous day.

4. 5 Minute Journal — this is my favourite part of the morning. The Five Minute journal that was created by Alex Ikonn and Uj Ramdas. It is the simplest, most effective activity I’ve done each day to see the positives in life. It makes you think about what you have in your life that is positive, what you want and how you should perceive yourself. Yes it might seem like a lot of thinking but this is the training your brain needs to be able to pick up those little moments during your day that bring a smile to your face.

5. Tending to my little garden — they say that clearing your mind and getting back to nature is a way to unwind and relax. With my pot plants of herbs, Gerberas and African violets I enjoy watering them each morning and seeing how well they are growing. My boyfriend and I love cooking so its important that our stock of fresh herbs is healthy and plentiful.

6. Positive tunes while driving to work — I’m a high school music teacher so I understand the power of positive reinforcement through music. Spotify is vital to start my morning each day. I make it my business to keep up to date with the latest tunes on Australia’s hottest hits for my work and it also gets me excited to hear new songs each morning.

7. Work set up — I make it my business to leave each day with my teaching work already prepped for the next day, so when I arrive at school in the mornings I can focus of talking to students, staff or parents. Connecting and working with people is something that I love doing and is what got me into teaching in the first place. This short period of time in the mornings helps me gauge a vibe of what the day will bring and what goals I need to tackle before I finish of the day.

Hopefully reading what I’ve done for the past 6 months will inspire you to work out what is best for your. I prefer to do my workouts after school as a head clearing activity, however many people like to go for a run in the mornings to start their day right. I guess it comes down to common sense, do what is right for your routine. Make sure that you take time for yourself and try to breathe in fresh air everyday, making time to appreciate the beauty around you and the little things that we sometimes take for granted.