The Outdoor Room

Living in my apartment for almost a year now I’ve realised that it’s very important to utilize your balcony space effectively so that you connect where you live with the outside world. For me that space requires a place where I can take time out to unwind, to read and write my blog and to also share with friends and family when people drop round for catch-ups. So being new to this I decided to see what is available out there to transform my balcony into this wonderful entertaining outdoor room.

Some of the places I went to first were Bunnings and IKEA. Working with a tight budget, my boyfriend and I wanted some simple, modern pieces of furniture that could accommodate a reasonable size group. We decided on the outdoor setting from IKEA + benches so that we could move them around easily (very lightweight and sturdy) whenever we wanted to and also not limiting ourselves to a certain number of seats. Bunnings storage boxes in timber were a beautiful addition to the space for storage as well as another seating area. Now a few cushions from the Vast interiors on Montague road and the space is ready for visitors.

Brookfield Garden Centre is a great place to visit with your family on the weekends. Not only do that have a huge range of plants (indoors and outdoors), but their selection of pots, baskets, homewares and planting products is vast and decorative. I can easily spend a whole morning here because as soon as you have walked around once, you will notice that the Wild Canary Bistro is next door for all your breakfast, lunch and cake cravings. So if you enjoy plants and food as much as I do, Bookfield Garden Center is the next weekend outing for you.

Down the road from me is Mappins Nursery & Aquarium. Their range of succulents, terrariums and water plants will definitely help you find something for your balcony. I decided on a few cement pots for some cute tiny cactus plants. These will contrast from my herbs and flower varieties that I purchased from Brookfield. Also down the road is Adore. Its ever-changing selection of outdoor home wares will certainly cater to everyone’s tastes and design. I purchased some lovely ECOYA and GLASSHOUSE candles to make the space feel more like home and to add a romantic vibe for night time drinks with friends.

Even though this space is still a work in progress I find that visiting my local markets down at Davies Park always inspires me. Entangle Living Art has a wonderful selection of hanging plants that are both real and decorative. For that special something that makes all your friends think “where did you get this?” tell them to head on down every Saturday at Davies Park.

I now can use my outdoor room at any time especially for brunch on Sunday with a cup of coffee and healthy delicious breakfast cooked by my boyfriend. It’s the small little things in life that make you content with who you are and the people you love. Happy hunting everyone.

Here is what I have done so far! let me know what you think.

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