Also, a rabbit.

Oh man, your family made the right decision with the rabbit. I had one as a kid that lived in the yard bonded to my dog and didn’t know about its care. (Anyone who knows me in real life, hi!) It lasted a few years-they really should be kept inside. I took over my friend’s rabbit when she moved and I love the little guy but he would make a terrible pet for a child. They’re easily injured, they have delicate systems that also require that they eat their own 1st round of poop. They are prey animals and hide injury/discomfort. Some dig, some chew, some do both. And although the can be trained to use the litter box, trails of poop follow them everywhere. Mine, at least, rage pees. And you need a vet who’s used to working with them because they are considered “exotics.”

He’s cute when he’s washing his wee bunny face, though.

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