As London hots up for summer, we’re excited to have moved into our new home at Phoenix Court, confirm we’ve raised two new funds and announce that we are continuing to expand our team to support more great founders on their journey to building great businesses.

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We’re incredibly excited at the long-term prospects for Somers Town and today we started to debate could the square mile around Kings Cross could become a New Palo Alto?

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Here’s a link to deck, but please come visit Phoenix Court and the neighborhood to see for yourself and join the conversation.

But more importantly, we are making several new hires to help continue to offer the best possible support to the amazing founders and their teams that we work with — as well as working to further develop the ecosystem we live and work in. …

The second half of our event a few weeks ago focused specifically on apprenticeship programmes. Sophie Samuelson-Powell, Account Executive from WhiteHat, an apprenticeship provider, led an insightful panel with Leah Ellis, Head of People and Talent from Goodlord, as well as two WhiteHat apprentices, Annie Lawrence and Daniel Kuti, who are working currently at Facebook and Google, respectively.

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What is an apprentice?

  • An apprentice is a full-time employee who is learning the skills required to succeed in their field by undertaking training with their employer, and a registered training provider.
  • A number of LocalGlobe portfolio companies have apprentices, including MOO.COM, TransferWise, Improbable and Zoopla. …

Last week at Phoenix Court, we hosted a workshop for our portfolio companies on how to run a successful intern programme.

The Tessian team discussed their existing programme with other LocalGlobe portfolio companies who are considering adding interns to their teams.

We learned about the benefits and how to ensure the best case scenarios for both you and your interns:

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  1. A risk-free trial for potential full time hires
  2. Bring enthusiasm and focus for projects that are important but lower priority
  3. Help mitigate high work flow for defined periods of time
  4. Add diversity to the team
  5. Inject new energy into team
  6. Identify managerial strengths from existing team members through intern…

The team at LocalGlobe is proud to announce our involvement with project #MovingForward, a volunteer-run, open-source directory of inclusion, diversity and anti-harassment policies and commitments from VCs. The initiative aims to set standards for the industry and drive positive change by making these policies available and more inclusive. Participating VCs include Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, First Round, Greylock Partners, Y Combinator, and over 100 others in the US. Today, the initiative has launched in Europe and LocalGlobe is happy to be part of the community alongside Atomico, Balderton, Change Ventures, Capital 300, and Entrepreneur First.

We are proud that diversity and inclusion have always been reflected in who we are as a fund and how we support our founder community. LocalGlobe strives for a work environment that promotes respect, openness, responsibility and integrity for all of our team, founders, service providers and co-investors. Beyond LocalGlobe, we’re committed to continuing to find the best ways to support founders to build more representative and inclusive companies. We fully support #MovingForward’s mission to promote diverse, inclusive and harassment-free workplaces. …

A. Standards of Conduct

LocalGlobe strives for a work environment that promotes respect, openness, responsibility, integrity and value for all of our employees, companies and investors. We are focused on creating an environment with shared values and behaviours:

Core Values

  • We never forget that we BACK founders. The business we back is their business. Like their other team members, we are part of the support team.
  • We like to be thought of as “quasi-founders”and we behave like founders i.e. with passion, honesty, enthusiasm and belief.
  • We try to be easyto deal with. …

Local Globe have tremendous portfolio companies constantly looking for ambitious talent within the UK and beyond, at places like Citymapper, Improbable, Kano, @MOO, @robinhoodapp, Seedcamp, TransferWise and @Zoopla .

Since 1999, we’ve made over 175 pre-seed and seed investments with over 115 from our base in London & the UK.

We’re now investing from our 8th LocalGlobe seed fund.

If you would like to be contacted by LocalGlobe portfolio companies with relevant job opportunities, then please join our !

We look forward to hearing from you

LocalGlobe team

We recently held our annual Showcase — an informal morning of presentations, performance and conversations. Thanks to the founders, investors and members of the ecosystem who attended. It was great to see so many familiar faces in the room:

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Thanks to the founders that presented: Ronen @ Rekki, Richard @ Goodlord, Boris @ Calipsa, Ed @ Scape, Ella & Paul @ Zinc

To Maverick Sabre for performing:

To Liam Maxwell for a thought provoking conversation:

If anyone’s interested in the update we shared with attendees, it can be found on Medium here and Google Slides here.

Also for the team’s latest thinking sign-up to the Exponential View newsletter — we’ve guest edited this week’s edition.

Have a good summer!

Since 1999, we’ve made over 175 pre-seed and seed investments with over 115 from our base in London & the UK.

  • We’ve been founders (Lovefilm, Seedcamp, Kano), operators (Arcadia, Skype), board members (Farfetch, MoneySupermarket, Transferwise, Zoopla) and investors (Index, Social Finance)
  • We’ve seen the full journey from inception and seed through to $bn exits and IPOs
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Since May 2015, we’ve built a team of 8, which has made over 45 investments

  • We’ve invested £27m in 38 companies in London & the UK
  • They sell to consumers (13); enterprises (13); small businesses (8) as well as Zebras (4)
  • We’re comfortable investing across multiple sectors including Creative Industries; Education; Energy; Fashion; Finance; Food; Health; Insurance; Property; Travel &…

About a week ago, we gently posted some upcoming team openings at LocalGlobe on LinkedIn.

We choose to do this before reaching out to our network because while we are proud of the close, diverse and multi-generational team of eight we’ve built since June 2015 we are always keen to keep pushing ourselves to look outside of our normal networks.

We are hoping to add at least three new members to our team in 2017 and so far have received nearly 250 applications. We plan to review applications by early July and then do a next stage video call, followed by some quality time at our weekly Monday dealflow meeting in sunny London, where you can meet the full team and share your views on companies, markets and the ecosystem. …


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