What to do on a Rainy Day in San Juan

Welcome to the Caribbean: where the most beautiful sunny beach day can turn into the rainiest day you’ve ever seen in seconds. Rainy days shouldn’t mean you have to cancel all your plans. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do in Puerto Rico even if it’s raining.

(Hint: none of them includes Netflix… but here you have Spotify Playlist, perfect for rainy days)

Here at Local Guest we thought about those things you can do on rainy days. Notice that you should consider Uber when you have to move from a place to another in case you don’t want to get all soaking wet.

Check some of the Works at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)

Located in a Registered Historic Building, its architecture is of Georgian style that prevailed during the 18th century in England. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo restoration was in charge of Puerto Rican architect Otto Reyes Casanova and started from 1995 until 2002. Their collection focuses on the Contemporary art pieces of Puerto Rican and Caribbean artists. The pieces acquired by the MAC are either donated by their own artists, collectionists or sponsors and are selected by a committee where artists, critics and arts experts are part of. Cost of Entrance: $5

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? Even though this is a beautiful structure to look at due to its architecture, their collections portray how the Contemporary art not only in Puerto Rico, but in the Caribbean is worked and definitely, you will get a glimpse of it without the hassle of getting wet.

Trace Puerto Rican History at the Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte de Río Piedras

This Museum located at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, provides insights on the deepest aspects of the Puerto Rican traditions and also, it traces it from an anthropology view. In this museum, you will find one of the most iconic paintings of the history of Puerto Rican art: “The Wake” by Francisco Oller. What’s another good thing about this museum? This is something you can also do for free!

For being located right inside the university, another suggestion would be visiting the different areas of the university. Some of the buildings around the University are a masterpiece and the beauty of its corridors is definitely something you need to live. We must advise that this is not truly recommended on a rainy day since it includes walking outdoors.

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? You can access this Museum easily taking the Tren Urbano to the Universidad Station. The cost of the Train is $1.50 single way.

Get Lost at La Plaza del Mercado, Río Piedras

Tamara Calcaño/Flickr

Right in the middle of the emblematic Paseo de Diego, you can find the Plaza del Mercado Rafael Hernández. There you will find different fruits and produce vendors and other local shops. This market is always filled with locals playing Dominos, which is definitely a typical local scene.

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? On their food court, you will get to try the best Asopao (beef, rice and vegetables soup) in the area, which is perfect for a rainy day.

Try The Best Local Dishes at La Casita Blanca

For more than 30 years, La Casita Blanca has been one of the most traditional places to try Puerto Rican food in San juan. Located in Santurce, this restaurant receives you when you arrive with some fried codfish (bacalaitos) or some chicken soup as an appetizer. When you’re done with your food, they serve a chichaíto (anise and rum) shot with 3 coffee beans representing love, health and money.

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? Because local food made as our grandmothers prepare it on a rainy day is exactly what the souls needs.

Try some Puerto Rican Coffee at Hacienda San Pedro

Hacienda San Pedro is one of the best coffees grown and served in the island. Originally from the town of Jayuya, this coffee prides itself on their quality of their grains, which is a 100% local product. In their stores, you can try their different coffee creations, and also, you can get some coffee bags to brew them later.

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? Haven’t you heard before that rainy days require some coffee?

Get lost at a Local Bookstore

The bookstore scene in San Juan is growing and, in most of the bookstores, is possible to find books in English and especially, locally edited books in English. If you are a bookworm, you will definitely love to discover a lot more about Puerto Rican literature and history through the books. Some of our suggestions are Librería Laberinto, Libros AC and Casa Norberto.

Why Visit on a Rainy Day? Since you won’t be able to walk around to explore our history and traditions as it should, definitely, spend some of that rain inside discovering new books, could definitely help meanwhile!

Do you think we missed something that you can do in San Juan on a Rainy Day? Let us know in the Comments!