Why Is Localisation important for businesses?

In this day and age of vibrant easily accessible social media, when the likes of Facebook and Twitter are fully focused on global markets, it would seem that local interaction for business is a thing of the past. But those well-known brands do not enter other countries without recognising the local culture within them and adapt their global brand to suit those local markets. Local markets and local community engagement are what helps solidify the foundations of a business and achieve bigger company revenue so local content would be the best application for any marketing strategy.

There are three important reasons why a company should localise its products and services which should include language and cultural sensitivities:

  1. If you localise your language specifically on platforms such as your website you can save yourself from potentially embarrassing situations such as brand names, colours or even symbols representing something vulgar in another culture.
  2. A great marketing and advertising campaign would be lost on a high percentage of the world when you consider it would take eighty-three languages in order to reach 80% of the world as English isn’t everyone’s first language.
  3. Most importantly the consumer would be much happier being able to purchase a product in their own language putting this consideration above the actual price. (Common Sense Advisory, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites, 2006).

Translating languages shouldn’t be an exertion if you use tools like Localize Content. Platform like this are suitable for people who want their websites to be easily translated, they can upload their text, then hire a translator who will accurately and efficiently translate their content into any language.

Make sure that you have content that is of high-quality and that the language can be adapted for international markets. Try not to assume that what is acceptable locally to you will transcribe globally, language, history and perceptions differ greatly from country to country. Remember that a happy customer makes a repeat customer, localisation will expand your business making your business more competitive and a returning customer that feels you care!

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